General shipping conditions


For all the mailing to any destination, FORCOBAY will apply a tariff in accordance with the company of transport or the type of service that is used. Normally the mailing is realized by companies of transport like POST OFFICE EXPRESS, TNT, GLS or others.

The postage and packing, they usually calculate for the weight of the order and they will be valued in an automatic way by our system previously to the formalization of the order on the part of the Client. In some cases, the tariff of mailing, it includes the expenses of manipulation and packing, especially for those fragile or delicate products, like perfumes.

Only in exceptional cases and for articles about very low value, for express order of the Client, the mailing might be realized by Post office in the ordinary service without certifying. In these cases, we cannot become persons in charge in any case of the loss or deterioration of this mailing, assuming the Client definitely the responsibility in case of entire loss or break of the bundle or its content.


Up to the exit of the order of our stores, the Client has full right to the modification or cancellation of its order, except for those products requested under order or personalized. The Client promises not to modify or cancel the realized orders of personalized products or products for order that is out of stock at the moment of the buy, once the order has been confirmed by FORCOBAY.

The delivery of the orders, it is realized by the company of transports selected in the process of buy, in the domicile designated by the Client, always on foot of street or logistic office of the transporter, depending on the form of mailing selected by the Client.

FORCOBAY, does not assume any responsibility when the delivery could not be carried out as a result of that the information facilitated by the Client, is inaccurate or incomplete. The same way, FORCOBAY does not assume any responsibility, when the delivery could not be carried out by absence of the Client or destinario designated by the first one, this one owing to gather its order in the logistic office of the transporter.

It will be up to the Client, to verify the order on having received it and its content, to exhibit before the same transporter and in the document of reception of delivery, any anomaly that is observed in the bundle or received bundles.

In case of not valuable damages outwardly in the bundle, the Client will have of 24 hours after the reception to communicate it. In case of error for our part in the delivery of an order, the Client promises to put at the disposal of FORCOBAY, the product or dedicated products of way mistaken for its retreat for the company transporter. The products will have to always be in perfect condition, in its original packing without opening and with all its intact original content.

For the deliveries in companies, public organisms and other buildings in which restrictions exist for the access to the public in general, FORCOBAY cannot guarantee to the Client that the same ones carry straight its person or Recipient out, remaining complete the order and liberated our responsibility, when the order settles in the reception or place that does the times of control of access and in charge of the person entrusted these effects.

Without detriment to previously exhibited, FORCOBAY will adopt the opportune measurements for a diligent service on the part of the company transporter, with the object of obtaining the biggest possible satisfaction of the Client.

FORCOBAY, will not be responsible for the absence of fulfillment of the obligations of delivery of the order, when this one should to causes foreign to its control and will, such as customs retentions, lack or impossibility of securing of raw material, provisions or teams, mistakes to herself in the functioning of facilities, acts of Government or of the Administration, labor strikes or proper personal details or of third, management closings, civil disorders, natural disasters and other fortuitous cases or of force majeure.


Confirmee on the part of FORCOBAY, the payment of the order on the part of the Client and the availability of the acquired products, in the approximate space of 24 skillful hours the bundle will be withdrawn from our facilities by the company transporter designated for its mailing.

In case some of the products should not be in stock for any cause of force majeure, one will communicate to the Client indicating him the term of waiting for its restoration and that should be the same who decides if to continue with the order or to cancel it, in whose case would carry out in an immediate way the return of the amount of its buy. In case some day of the due ones, it is festive inside the labor calendar for the population of Manises (Valencia), where our store is located, the mailing will be realized in the immediately skillful following day.

As soon as transporter was withdrawn the order of the Client by the company, the delivery time for Spain (Peninsula) might range from 1 to 3 working days, according to the service of employed transport and the importance of the population of destination. In case of the mailing to Balearics, Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla and countries of Europe, the delivery of the order from 3 to 7 working days might range.

FORCOBAY, there does not become responsible for the debts attributable to the company transporter or any incidence in the delivery foreign to our will and negotiations.

In the delivery times, in no case, the weekends will be calculable and holiday, so much in the locality of origin of the mailing, as in those of transit or destination.

Realized the mailing of its order to the Client, generates a number or locator that will make him go over by e-mail, well from our system or from the system of the proper company transporter, by means of whom it will be able to consult the state of its mailing.

The mailing realized by means of the ordinary service of Post office (letters), they lack this code locator.

In periods in which special circumstances meet, like festive dates, holiday period, strikes of transport or any other extraordinary event, the mailing will be able to suffer some delay not attributable to FORCOBAY.

If the Client wants to cancel an order, after the same one has been sent by FORCOBAY, he will have to wait to its reception to do it to us to come again for its means and always along with the document of return of goods or RMA that will be facilitated to that end.

In case of loss of the bundle on the part of the company transporter, as soon as we receive the communication on the part of this one would send to him again its order. In case for any circumstance the Client should get both orders, he will have to communicate it to us in an immediate way and put at our disposal the last order received for its retreat.


For all the mailing, FORCOBAY does not assume the responsibility of its delivery at certain specific and concrete hours. If the Client indicates a concrete date of delivery, or inside her a certain time zone, it will be understood that it does it with character orientativo. FORCOBAY, transporter promises to realize the pertinent indication to the company, but in no case it will assume no other obligation or responsibility on this matter.

FORCOBAY will not be responsible for the dammages that could derive from the delay or the absence of delivery of the order, in particular from the dismissed lucre, or any damage or emergent damage derived from the delay or loss of production, which as a result of the delay the Client could suffer.

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