General or partial catalog of all our perfumes, personalized for the reseller, with their logos and texts. Catalog preparation plus 3 free annual updates.

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ATTENTION: This service is personalized and once the first edition of your PDF catalog has been purchased and received, you will not be able to claim the payment of the amount paid. By making the purchase, you expressly ACCEPT the conditions set out below and waive the refund. If you have any questions, before buying your catalog, contact us to clarify any particularity regarding your catalog.

This service has been created especially for those people who are already engaged in the direct sale of all or some brands of generic perfumes, air fresheners, beauty or health products, and other items that we sell, or to those people who wish to dedicate themselves to the direct sale as individuals, without making a large investment.

The objective of this personalized catalog is to offer the reseller a very useful tool to be able to present and offer their products to the end customer, especially in direct sales, without having to have all the products physically or an online catalog.

Along with the service of preparation and delivery of your catalog in PDF format, you will receive, completely free of charge, at least 3 updates of the products added or removed from our online store. These updates will be sent to you by email within a period of approximately 10 months from the creation of your first catalog.

Once the three updates have been received, if you wish to receive the new catalogs, you must contract the service again or take advantage of one of our offers to have this privilege at a special or free price.

Once our work is finished, we will send you your personalized perfume catalog with three PDF files:

1.- Higher quality PDF file (15 to 20 MB), ideal for printing or for your own use.
2. Low resolution PDF file (4 to 5 MB), ideal to be able to send it by email to your clients.
3. PDF file with the equivalences of all our generic perfumes, linked by our reference.

For the preparation of the personalized catalog, we will always use as a basis for development, the general FORCOBAY PARFUMS catalog that is in force at the time of contracting. Said catalog will always consist of the following sections:

1.- Presentation cover
2.- Index of the catalog categories
3.- Notes with relevant information
4.- List of all products, arranged alphabetically
5.- Closing page

These are the parts of the FORCOBAY PARFUMS catalog that we will customize for you (Check the attached images):

1.- COVER. Logo and Catalog Title. We can insert your own logo with the image that you attach to us, or if you do not have your own logo, we can insert your name with the font that you like. In addition, we will insert the title or reference of the catalog edition.

2.- COVER. Background image. If you wish, we can insert a personalized image as the background of your catalog cover, otherwise we will leave the one that by default has the current version of our catalog. If you provide us with an image, it must be in a vertical format, DIN A4 size and with a sufficient resolution. The image will be adjusted automatically, we will not make the arrangement of photographs, if the image does not have a suitable format, some parts may be cut off.

3.- INDEX. Adequacy of the index. You have the option of removing any of the categories from the catalog, therefore we will reconstruct the numbering of the inner pages and adapt the index to that numbering.

4.- NOTES. Adaptation of the notes to your needs. You can add as many notes as you want, without exceeding the existing space within page 2 of the catalog. You must provide us with the notes you want to insert, without any misspelling.

5.- INTERIOR TITLE OF THE CATALOG. Adaptation of the interior title of the catalog to your indications, always without exceeding the space of one line. This title is repeated in each and every one of the pages where the products appear. You must provide us with the internal title of the catalog in writing, without spelling mistakes.

6.- NAME OF PRODUCTS. The name of the products cannot be modified, but in the FORCOBAY PARFUMS version, they are marked with the links to our online store. These links will be removed to prevent your client from discovering your provider.

7.- BRANDS. The brands will always be shown in alphabetical order and the products in the same way, but you decide which perfume brands you want to show in your catalog. You can show all the brands and perfumes that we have available at the time of the catalog edition, or only those you want, even a single brand.

8.- PRICES. The prices shown in the catalog by default are the sale prices without discounts that are in force in our store. You decide if you prefer that we deliver your catalog without marked prices or if you wish, we insert the prices that you indicate, always for each group of products.

9.- FOOT OF PAGE. On all the pages of the catalog where the products appear, you can show your contact details, or if you prefer, leave them blank.

10.- CLOSING PAGE. Presentation image. By default, we will leave the image of our original catalog, but if you prefer you can customize this image in a landscape format if you want to occupy half a page, or vertical format if you want to use the image as a background.

11.- CLOSING PAGE. Logo and Address. In this section, we can insert an image with your logo, your name and those contact information that you deem appropriate.

After contracting this service, we will contact you within 24 hours so that you can prepare the images or texts that are necessary to personalize your catalog. If all the information is correct, we will prepare your catalog within a maximum period of 3 working days, from receipt.

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General or partial catalog of all our perfumes, personalized for the reseller, with their logos and texts. Catalog preparation plus 3 free annual updates.
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