One of FORCOBAY's main lines of business is the sale of equivalency perfumes or also called generic perfumes. Its fragrances are inspired by those most demanded by our clients.

Our perfumes, for the most part, are manufactured by expert perfumers in laboratories in Spain or other countries of the European Union, using high quality raw materials and dermatologically tested. Those that are manufactured in countries outside of the EEC, are subjected to severe quality controls, so that they adapt to European regulations.

What is a generic perfume?

Generic perfumes are perfumes made with its own unique formulation containing within its olfactory pyramid, a combination of natural or synthetic essences that give it an aroma very similar to that of other well-known fragrances.

Generic perfumes, although their scent may seem very similar or even identical to the perfumes that inspire them, they are not identical copies. According to the legal regulations of most countries, the molecular composition of a generic perfume cannot have more than 2% similarity to that of another perfume.

Generic perfumes have a unique and own perfume formulation, containing within its olfactory pyramid, a combination of natural or synthetic essences that give it an aroma very similar to that of the original perfume.

In their manufacture, they meet all the sanitary standards for this type of product, they are tested in laboratories and have different quality controls.

In any case, in the majority of generic perfumes, despite not being a copy of the inspiration perfume, the manufacturers tend to achieve quality and similarity standards of between 90 and 98%.

Is it legal to buy and sell generic perfumes?

YES, it is totally legal because it is impossible to patent the smell of a fragrance. Of course, the brands have their patents and rights over the image, names, brands and in no case is it legal for a manufacturer of generic perfumes to take advantage of said image in any way, the use of names, the brand itself or the product association.

FORCOBAY is merely a seller and does not manufacture any of the perfumes or other products that it markets. If you believe that any of our articles violates the rights of industrial property or have any type of litigation resolved in your favor against the manufacturer, please contact us and we will proceed to the immediate withdrawal of the article. You can contact us at [email protected].

So why is a generic or equivalency perfume so cheap?

Although there are also generic perfumes of different qualities and prices, the first reason why they are usually much cheaper than a recognized perfume is the absence of marketing, advertising and other superfluous costs, such as packaging with luxurious finishes, catalogs or free samples.

The manufacture of a generic perfume is usually carried out in large laboratories with highly industrialized processes, using quality raw materials, but always looking for the compatibility of those that have a better price.

Some essences that are added to its composition, which are very expensive, are also usually replaced by the manufacturers of these perfumes, by similar ones or a cheaper combination.

The higher the quantity of certain types of essences in a perfume, its price will increase considerably, so we should never compare a perfume without evaluating its quality.

Generic perfumes are usually manufactured in the following qualities:
- Eau de Cologne (EDC), essence volume between 6% and 8%. Approximate fixation of the fragrance between 1 and 2 hours.
- Eau de Toilette (EDT), essence volume between 8% and 15%. Fixation of the fragrance between 3 and 4 hours.
- Eau de Parfum (EDP), essence volume between 16% and 18%. Fixation of the fragrance between 4 and 6 hours.

On rare occasions they are also manufactured in higher grades:

- Parfum, essence volume between 20% and 30%. Fixation of the fragrance between 8 and 9 hours.
- Elixir volume of essence greater than 30%. Fixation of the fragrance greater than 10 hours.

Finally, it should be noted that the commercial margins from the manufacturer, through the distributor and the seller, to the end customer, are much lower than the renowned perfumes.

Why choose a generic perfume?

The first reason why our clients opt for a generic perfume, obviously is usually its price, which is usually 70% cheaper than its inspiration perfume, always taking the same level of quality essences and raw materials in its composition.

In some cases, and even though there are small variations between a generic perfume and its inspiration perfume, the customer prefers the former because of its touch of distinction or because they tend to be fresher in their most basic quality levels, due to a greater presence of natural alcohol. or water.

Generic perfume has a relationship between quality and price, much higher than that of a recognized perfume, where the high final cost of the product does not apply to its quality.

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