We don't close for vacations 2022

We don't close for vacations 2022

In AUGUST, we will continue to work normally

In Spain, it is customary for many workers to take their well-deserved rest vacations during the month of August. This circumstance causes the temporary closure due to vacations of small businesses, or a substantial reduction in service personnel in large stores or companies, making the month of August unfit even in many public administrations.

Since the year 2007 we launched our online store, our service philosophy has been to offer the widest possible service, making our breaks at work compatible with the need to serve our Clients at any time of the year.

To make the best possible service for our Clients and our own rest compatible, we gradually adapt our vacation periods in those times of the year when we have less demand and sales.

As in previous years, we are pleased to inform you that during the month of August, we will continue to provide our services in a totally normal manner, attending to orders received, making shipments, answering your queries and any other activity.

Thank you very much for your confidence!

Sales Team

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